Six Million Way To Cry

by Scabzone

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Mom, Dad, the kids at school... all these people trying to "understand" me. Pffsh, now that's a laugh! But I ain't down for the whole growin' up thing, not now, probs not ever. My outlook is like this, homie: I don't love nothin', and nothin' ain't ever gonna love me. You got that, friendo? Now check this kickflip...


released December 30, 2016



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Scabzone Cocoa Beach, Florida

Real Cocoa Beach Rock and Roll

Nothing But Bad Feelings From Here On Out

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Track Name: Puke Pile
Mattress on the floor
Where I am I can't tell
A stomach full of vomit
A head full of dead braincells

So don't tell me to take easy
That's all I really do these days
Kill myself or kill some time
It's cool with me either way

I don't belong here
But whatever it's cool
Well I don't belong here
No you won't be seeing me at school

I don't belong here
But I don't care
Well I don't belong here
Life ain't meant to be fair
Track Name: Choking Game
Easier to sit in my room and cry
Than it is to wake up and try to be alive
Lies you tell me and I believe
To get a feeling of relief
Blacking out just doesn't hurt anymore

It's a long way down
To your bedroom floor
But if you keep your hands on my throat I know
I won't be scared anymore

A numbing comfort I've come to need
To save me from responsibility
I've dug myself into an endless pit
And I don't know if I ever wanna come out of it
I'll see you when I wake up

Choking games
We always play to win
Don't let go of me until
I say (say when)

If I fall and crack my head
I still trust you
To hold me through the siezure
And never tell my mom what we do
Track Name: Say A Prayer (4 Me)
I'll have to grow up someday
When that is I can't say
but I've still got dna
to throw away

An empty void I see
Whenever I feel happy
With a life that I don't need
In a world that never fuckin needed me

Never cared to much about myself
But I can still pretend
When I close my eyes at night
I say a prayer to not wake up again

I spent enough time alone
to understand
I'm always gonna be on my own
And no one's there to hold my hand