Welcome To Torture World

by Scabzone

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A dimension of suffering the likes of which we have yet to comprehend. From the heights of misery to the depths of desperation, this world is made of, for, and by only one thing: pain.


released October 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Scabzone Cocoa Beach, Florida

Real Cocoa Beach Rock and Roll

Nothing But Bad Feelings From Here On Out

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Track Name: Wasteland, USA
I don't wanna go home just yet
I'm havin fun hangin' at the mall with all my friends
But when the sun goes down I know
I'm the only one of 'em who's goin' home alone

I don't care too much if I die or live
The mistakes I made in my life aren't mine to forgive
But then I think about the fun things I'll do tomorrow
And these fantasies pull me through my sorrow

When I get sad about
My life
I think about my cool friends
And I put down the knife

A gun, a noose, or a bottle of pills
Won't put me down
Because I've got cool friends and
We like to hang around
Track Name: Sleepover
The sun comes up but you know I don't
I say I wanna change but I know that I won't
So I spend the day in bed with all the fantasies in my head
Of waking up as someone else instead

When my eyes are closed I make the most
Of the time I don't mind being lost
When my life has gone to shit I'm just so sick of it
I wanna sleep it off

Start the day at 4 pm, another one wasted again
I guess I'll just head back to sleep
So I check my phone as I'm laying alone
And I pray the Lord my soul to keep

With my eyes shut tight in the daylight
My heart full of fear and hateful spite
Would it make a difference if I died tonight?

My mattress holds me and consoles me
As I worry about whatever
In my dreams I found the means
To hold myself together

Under my blanket I try to hide
From these feelings I keep deep down inside
From sunset to sunrise
On these filthy sheets I agonize

Over the life I'll never live
And the effort I'll never give
And the nightmares I'll never forget
Track Name: Planet Pain
I know it's nice to pretend
Things get better in the end
One thing that I know when it hurts
It's only gonna get worse

Which leads me to my final request
It may be hard to digest
But when I'm gone don't bury me
Just throw me in the garbage please

When I die just throw me in the trash
It's where I always belong yeah
Spent so long living on this lonely earth
A garbage can is the only grave I'm worth

Wasted body wasted soul
Flesh and bone turn to mold
Nothing gets better every day's the same
Living my worthless life in this planet of pain

Planet of pain, throw me away
It was always meant to be this way
I'm just filth, get rid of me
Lay me down to rest so I can sleep happily